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December 2008
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Ana Banana [userpic]
The secret to *great* cookies.

  • No matter what ingredients you use, make sure you use the very best. Keep in mind, this does not mean it is the most expensive, just the best quality.
  • Use high grade vanilla extract. Do not use imitation. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!!
  • Always use your nose. When the cookies smell right, they will taste right.
  • Never melt your butter unless the recipe specifically calls for it. Instead, set your stick butter out for several hours. It will be perfect consistancy. If you use butter that is too cold, your cookies will come out like lumps. If you use butter that is too soft, the cookies will run all over the cookie sheet.
  • If you have a problem with them sticking, use parchment paper. You can get it on the storage/wrap/foil isle at the store.
  • Learn two or three basic type of recipes and change the ingredients around. Don't be afraid to play. You would be suprised! Almost everything tastes good in a cookie.