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December 2008
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old_schoola [userpic]

Jenn was in School with me when I was in School we tried to come up with restraunt concepts and were Lab partners alot,I always seemed to be her Sous.I admired her because she went back to school at 54 to get her degree in Culinairy arts and ran circles around kids alot younger than her She was incredibly cool.So I have left a few of her notes on the recipes in memory of her.She died recently and it makes me sad.

Raspberry Marinade

1/2 cup shallots (minced) 1 tblespoon Honey
1 cup Raspberry wine Vinegar 1/4 cup soy sauce
Black pepper to taste 1/2 sweet red wine 1 cup olive oil
combine all ingredients and soak pork chops for 60 minutes to overnight and grill or broil in the oven till done.

Stout Steak.

1 cup good stout 1 tblsp onion powder 2 tblsp olive oil 1 tblsp garlic powder
1 tblsp black pepper 1 tblsp Lea and Perrins
combine all ingredients well and pour it over the steak and let it marinate
for an hour.then grill,broil or panfry the steak till desired doneness
1.) The recipe: I think that if you used a tablespoon of onion juice (found in the extracts area of the grocery store by the vanilla extract),
the recipe will be better. I have a hard time getting onion powder to
dissolve in liquid mixtures although it works fine in a solid mixture
like meatloaf. For much the same reason, either fresh crushed garlic
(preferred) or garlic juice should be used. I love the name of the recipe

Irish Stew
Irish Stew is made with lamb or mutton, not beef. Mutton has a strong, disagreeable taste to most people and is not acceptable fare for a restaurant. Irish stew is a rather simple recipe with few variations. This is a traditional recipe.
4 lbs. Of lean breast or shoulder of lamb, cut into 1" cubes
6 peeled potatoes (medium)
4 peeled Vidalia or 1040 onions
1 leek
1 stalk cerery
3 fresh sprigs of parsley
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon of thyme
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Butcher the lamb into 1" to 3/4" cubes. Layer a casserole dish with a layer of lamb, then potatoes, then onions. Season and repeat layers to end with a top layer of lamb. Add the balance of the seasonings and pour water over the top to cover. Put a lid on the casserole dish and cook for 1 1/2 hours or until tender.
Serves 6
Serving suggestion: Serve with hot bread and a green salad. If some customer asks you for sour cream, don't blink an eye, just bring it. It's a rather standard toping in some places. You can put on the menu, "served with sour cream upon request"
Garnish with: Parsley sprig, minced chives or a green onion spray

Jenn's Maple Sausage Rolls
Serves 4 (2 each), 18 minutes preparation time, 10 to 13 minutes cooking time, can be prepared, then baked the next day
1 tube refrigerated Pillsbury crescent rolls to make 8 servings 1 8 link box of Jimmy Dean's "Heat 'N Eat" Maple breakfast links 1 small container of maple butter (or spread) 8 tablespoons of granulated maple sugar
Separate the dough into eight triangles. Stretch the narrow end of each triangle until it is double the length of a sausage. Using a small pastry brush, lightly brush each triangle with maple butter (or spread). Place a sausage on narrow end of each triangle, fold in the ends of the pastry until it meets in the middle of the sausage, tuck under, then roll up to form a sealed pastry.
To decorate, spread a layer of granulated maple sugar (one tablespoon per roll) on a flat cookie sheet or plate in a rectangle 3" x 2" wide, then roll the pastry in maple sugar three-quarters of the way around, leaving the tip side quarter untouched by the sugar.
Place the pastries tip down on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-13 minutes or until golden brown.
Because this can be prepared the night before and baked just before serving, this dish can be prepared as an appetizer served with coffee before breakfast, or can be served as a sweet embellishment for a savory breakfast such as steak and eggs with grits and/or potato pancakes (latka's) or fried hashbrowns. If served with pancakes, they can be dipped into the maple syrup and/or cooked egg yolk (if fried sunnyside up or overeasy) while eating.